Coed sports can be a thing

For all the energy devoted to the Lia Thomas story, you’d think there was an army of transitioning athletes looking to snatch Division I titles from the women who rightfully won them. Laws have been written, passed, vetoed and passed again to prevent people assigned one sex at birth from competing with people who… Read […]


College hockey is just as mad in March

You and I have probably been spending the last week the same way, staring at our monitors watching St. Peter’s destroy any chance we had at winning our office bracket challenge. We’ve been so enticed by the upsets, bracket busters, and magical run by Michigan (with Juwan Howard returning to the sidelines) that we’ve… Read […]


Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Addresses Debate About Her Competing On Women’s Swim Team

Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania, has pushed back against the critics who say she doesn’t belong on the women’s team. In case you didn’t know, the 22-year-old athlete has become highly talked about in the college swim scene after setting multiple records throughout the 2021-2022 season. However, her wins have […]


Little trouble in big China

The Olympics are underway, and China is showing the world that all that talk about totalitarianism and suppression of freedom is… uh… well, let’s check in with Sjoerd den Daas, the East Asia correspondent for the Dutch news network NOS. Read more…