Saturday Night Live piledrives the NFL for the Jon Gruden emails, and also just for being the NFL

For those who weren’t sure if former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden should be considered the dummy of the particular week, Saturday Night Live made its case for him to receive that honor. In the show’s Oct. 16 cold open, the show skewered Gruden and the entire NFL for eight minutes. Read more…


Jeopardy Announces ANOTHER New Host — But It’s Not What You Think!!

Who is pissed about Alex Trebek’s replacement Jeopardy! hosts? Quite a lot of people, actually! On Wednesday, Sony Pictures Television revealed that not one, but TWO hosts would take on the role following the beloved host’s death — but neither was the name LeVar Burton fans were hoping for. And it wasn’t quite as it […]


LeVar Burton Reacts To Being Snubbed As New Jeopardy! Host In Favor Of… THIS GUY?!?

Who is Mike Richards? No, seriously! That’s the question on everyone’s mind after fan favorite interim Jeopardy! host LeVar Burton reacted to being seemingly passed over to be the new permanent host of the show. On Wednesday, Variety reported that producers of the popular game show were in final negotiations with Richards to be Alex […]


LeVar Burton’s Daughter Masterfully Trolls Him Over His Much-Anticipated Jeopardy! Hosting Gig!

There’s nothing quite like a daughter trolling her father — and then for him to turn around and deliver an “embarrassing dad” remark to make the whole moment just perfect! This time around, it’s Mica Burton — daughter of Reading Rainbow alum LeVar Burton — who took to social media this week to playfully troll the 64-year-old’s new […]