Scalpers gouge Lego fans desperate for freebie Skywalker Saga minifigure

Enlarge / This little freebie figurine is reselling with regard to nearly as much as the $69. 99 game it comes with. (credit: BrickShow ) Fans and critics of Lego video games seem to be enjoying Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga , the first Traveller’s Tales Lego title to be released since 2019’s The Lego […]


Lego readies an impressive new Back to the Future Time Machine kit

Enlarge / Lego is bringing back the Time Machine in a new, much larger and more detailed set. (credit: Lego) In 2013, Lego released a Back to the Future Time Machine kit. It was one of the first products to emerge from what is now known as Lego Ideas, a project that lets brick-proficient creators from […]


Focusing sound vibrations precisely can knock over one Lego minifig among many

Enlarge / Brian Anderson’s experiments with Lego minifigs led to the development of an interactive museum exhibit in Switzerland. (credit: Brian Anderson) Legos are a beloved staple of educational science activities and have even proved useful in particle physics experiments at CERN to explore the properties of hadrons. For Brian Anderson, a physicist at Brigham Young […]


2, 064-piece Lego set recreates Super Mario 64 in miniature for $170

The Extremely Mario 64 Lego set is a “? block” with four levels from the game hidden inside. [credit: Lego Group ] Nintendo and the Lego group have been on a collaborative tear for the last couple of years, with releases including the interactive ” Adventures with Mario ” series for kids and a $230 replica […]


Joe Jonas Reveals What He & Sophie Turner Have Argued About In Quarantine

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are the perfect couple — at least they seem like it on the surface. But if you look closer, are there cracks in the bricks of their foundation? Joe opened up to the Wall Street Journal‘s “My Monday Morning” series on, well, Monday morning, and finally revealed something the couple have argued about since […]


Lego has a new 2,354-piece NASA Space Shuttle set, and it’s awesome

Lego’s latest official NASA set is this massive model of space shuttle Discovery on mission STS-31. [credit: Jonathan Gitlin ]   The ongoing collaboration between Lego and NASA continues to delight. Back in 2017, the Danish toymaker brought out a highly detailed Saturn V—a model ably assembled in time lapse by Ars’ Eric Berger before […]