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Doctors Refused This Woman A Breast Reduction 10 Times Despite Her Constant Pain — Saying ‘Think Of Your Future Husband’!

This is completely ridiculous! And we’re guessing all too common… Janel Nelson realized early in life that she needed to get something off her chest — her massive 28H boobs! The poor girl from Alberta, Canada was absolutely suffering from the size of her breasts. As she explained, per The Sun, there were the usual […]

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Russia attacked Ukrainian hospitals, violating humanitarian law, WHO says

Enlarge / KYIV, UKRAINE – FEBRUARY 28: A mother tends to her baby under medical treatment in the bomb shelter of the pediatric ward of Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital on February 28, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine. (credit: Getty | Chris McGrath ) The World Health Organization on Wednesday said Russia is in violation associated with international […]

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9 Minnesota hospital systems plead for people to take COVID seriously

Enlarge / A man prays at the bedside of his wife, who is intubated and remains critically-ill after a COVID infection in the South Seven Intensive Care Unit Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021 at North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbinsdale, Minn. (credit: Getty | Aaron Lavinsky) Nine Minnesota hospital systems published a joint letter Sunday saying […]


Dubious $56, 000 Alzheimer’s drug spurs largest Medicare price hike ever

Enlarge / Biogen Inc. headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Biogen Inc. shares soared after its controversial Alzheimer’s disease therapy was approved by US regulators. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg ) Seniors throughout the US will see a hefty increase to their health care premiums next year thanks in large part to Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm, which is […]