Netflix’s Most Action-Packed Month EVER! Everything Coming & Going In November!

Missed having a summer blockbuster season this year? Netflix has you covered with all the action you can handle in 30 days! For their new slate of programming in November, the streaming giant is locking and loading with original films Red Notice, starring Ryan Reynolds, The Rock, and Gal Gadot, The Harder They Fall with Idris Elba and Jonathan Majors, and Halle […]


Gal Gadot Chopped Off Part Of Her Finger!!!

Quarantine has changed a lot of us forever, but it really took a chunk out of Gal Gadot — literally! The actress discussed her experience on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sharing a shocking tale of a salad gone WAY wrong. Asked how she spent the days in lockdown (besides contributing to that tone-deaf Imagine music video), […]


Joss Whedon Told Gal Gadot To ‘Shut Up And Say The Lines’ On Justice League?!

Last year Ray Fisher dropped a bombshell on Twitter, and we’re still feeling the shockwaves. But the actor had a terrible experience with Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League — so bad he didn’t care who knew it. The Avengers director was brought in to retool the superhero blockbuster and reportedly reshoot tons of scenes, essentially trying […]

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Wonder Woman 1984 is fun, but doesn’t quite capture magic of its predecessor

A flashback to Themyscira. [credit: YouTube/Warner Bros. ] Count me among the many millions who likely logged onto HBO Max on Christmas Day to watch Wonder Woman 1984, Director Patty Jenkins’ hotly anticipated, oft-delayed stand-alone follow-up to her 2017 global blockbuster, Wonder Woman. I’m a major fan of the latter, which gave us our super-powered […]