Matthew Taylor Coleman ‘Spent Hours Each Day’ On QAnon Sites Before Alleged Child Murders — And Those Close To Him Knew It

The case of Matthew Taylor Coleman is one of the most shocking, eye-opening examples ever of the power of internet brainwashing. The surf instructor was, by all accounts, a nice guy, a good provider, and a loving father… and yet he’s in prison because authorities believe he abducted his own young children, drove them down to […]


Don’t let Urban Meyer quit – fire him

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a mess because Shad Khan is a mess. The NFL’s lone owner of color that once donated $1 million to Donald Trump and then dared to write an essay on racial and social justice , spent Tuesday morning crafting a statement about the embarrassing and comical mishaps of his 0-4 rookie […]


Sexual Harassment & Show Tunes?! 5 Surprising Details From New Donald Trump Tell-All!

We have known forever that Donald Trump is not a serious person… but still, some of these stories from Stephanie Grisham‘s upcoming memoir are making our jaws drop! How did this man become President?!?! Grisham, as we’ve previously reported, was a 2016 campaign aide to Trump who transitioned to become First Lady Melania Trump‘s spokeswoman and then later rose […]


Matt Gaetz Apparently Preparing For HEINOUS Charges Potential By Hiring Jeffrey Epstein Lawyer!

It’s not always easy to notice when news stories stop coming out, but Gaetz Gate did go pretty quiet. For a while there it seemed like one of the most vocal MAGA Republican Congressmen was going to be hit with underage sex trafficking charges while still in office, and then… nothing for months. Apparently Matt Gaetz himself […]