Trump Russia BOMBSHELL! Leaked Kremlin Documents Appears To Confirm Putin Had ‘Kompromat’ — Pee Tape?!?

OK, so we already know Russia helped Donald Trump get elected. The ex-president can say all day that investigations into Russiagate all-caps EXONERATED him, which is not even true, but everyone agrees Russia has been interfering in our elections, mostly in the form of cyber attacks. But now we finally have evidence from their side. UK paper The […]


‘Is She Going To Talk?’: Donald Trump Was TERRIFIED About What Jeffrey Epstein Pal Ghislaine Maxwell Had To Say About Him, Claims New Book

Ever since the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking charges were filed, we’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, shoes plural as the billionaire pedophile knew a LOT of very famous and powerful men. And you don’t traffic that many underage girls to just yourself… Of course, the death of Epstein while in custody seemed to […]

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Donald Trump Almost DIED Of COVID?! New Book Reveals How Bad It Really Got!

A new book set to be published next week is making waves right now after excerpts reveal what really went down last October, when then-President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 after months of playing down the virus and flouting safety regulations at his enormous rallies (where, we should remind everyone once again, Trump supporter and failed […]