With the right catalyst, we might make jet fuel from CO₂

Enlarge (credit: Bernal Saborio) Techniques to take atmospheric CO2 and turn it into a fuel provide a climate-friendly alternative to exploiting fossil fuels—they may releases CO2 back into the air when burned, but there’s no net change. This includes biofuels crops, but can extend to industrial processes that directly involve CO2. As processes that capture […]


To Fulfill net-zero emissions Goals, China–along with the rest of the Planet –Requires Such technologies

Carbon catch, usage, and storage will be crucial for China–and the worldto fulfill present internet zero emissions goals, the International Energy Agency said Thursday. China declared on Tuesday {} goal net-zero emissions by 2060, a goal IEA manager Fatih Birol stated the Paris-based agency competes. China is the world’s biggest emitter, also absorbs half the […]