As a crop, cannabis has enormous carbon emissions

Enlarge / All those lights take energy. (credit: DEA) Back in the pre-legalization days, cannabis production meant finding a rarely visited patch of land and growing outside, or it meant taking cultivation indoors—typically to a basement where your product wouldn’t be visible from the outside world. But the power use involved in lighting a basement […]

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Voters rejecting the war on drugs Would Be a Triumph for public health

Expand / / On Tuesday, Washington, DC voted to decriminalize psilocybin, and Oregon’s voters approved two watershed reform steps –Quantify 109, that legalizes psilocybin remedies, and Quantify 110, that decriminalizes private possession of drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, along with opioids. (credit: Getty Images) As election night finished in the USA, folks went to bed […]


Cannabis legalization Steps set to Maneuver in 5 Countries

Our assignment that will assist you browse the new ordinary is fueled by readers. To enjoy unlimited access to the journalism, subscribe now . Arizona, Montana, along with New Jersey are braced to develop into the most recent countries to legalize the recreational usage of cannabis, whereas Republicans in Mississippi are prepared to maneuver initiatives legalizing […]


As states face budget shortfalls, cannabis and Sports Betting Gambling could Thrive

On Election Day, voters in five countries will pick ballot initiatives which could legalize cannabis utilize either recreationally (Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota) or medicinally (South Dakota and Mississippi). Meanwhile, people at Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota will vote on projects which could legalize sports gambling, to varying levels, in their particular {} […]