Let’s watch two guys chop each other into mush

While the individual storylines AEW tell can be incredibly intricate and dense (sometimes drenched in history with other companies and/or countries and playing on things only a certain few will know from a decade in the past), the premise of the whole company is pretty simple. Give the people what they want. Put… Read more…


Kim Kardashian Says North West Is Always ‘Very Opinionated’ About Her Mom’s Fashion Choices!

North West isn’t afraid to tell her momma how it REALLY is! While Kim Kardashian may be known around the world as a fashion icon and beauty mogul, she can’t catch a break in her own home — because her 8-year-old daughter is giving no quarter! Related: North Shows Off INSANELY Expensive Handbag Collection In New […]


Dajuan Harris is the quiet force behind Kansas’ hoops success

Call him the stabilizer. The nickname fits Kansas’ Dajuan Harris. Losses were at a premium for KU this season, but adversity came to the Jayhawks doorstep more than most would imagine for a 30-win team. And the soothing presence in Lawrence was Harris. Read more…


The Coach Prime Predicament: Why Deion Sanders’ success at Jackson State is a slippery slope for HBCUs

Being a controversial figure that evicts strong emotions on both sides of the coin is what Deion Sanders has always been the best at — outside of shutting down your favorite wide receiver. From his playing days to his past and current job as a coach/leader associated with young athletes, Sanders’ resume shows a history […]


Fed-up Flyers fans ready to bag the season

If you’re not a part of Flyers Twitter, well, consider yourself lucky. But you did miss fans of the Orange and Black having a totally normal one on Thursday as a movement to change PFPs to an unhappy fan wearing the bag over his/her head (much like the infamous days of New Orleans fans during […]


Ten, named for Mookie Blaylock’s number, is 30 years old (Mookie is now 54… How’s THAT feel?!)

There was a time when I used to mark the inevitable march of time by how long ago Pearl Jam’s album Ten came out. This started sometime in the late-1990s when my former high school classmate (who was the only person from high school I chose to stay in contact with — we both pretty […]

Entertainment Says It ‘Hurts A Little Bit’ That Black Eyed Peas ‘Is Not Looked At As A Black Group’

The Black Eyed Peas have a ton of international success and fame to fall back on, but is opening up about something that has been eating at him for a while — and it’s not something that’s so easily fixed by selling even more records. The performing artist opened up in a new interview this week, […]