That time physicist John Wheeler left classified H-bomb documents on a train

Enlarge / In 1953, the eminent physicist and H-bomb advocate took an ill-fated overnight train from Philadelphia to Washington, DC, that would indirectly lead to the Robert Oppenheimer security hearing. (credit: Michail_Petrov-96/iStock/Getty Images) In the popular science world, physicist John Wheeler is probably best known for popularizing the term “black hole,” although his research spanned […]


Tyrese Splits With Wife Samantha After 4 Years — And Blames It On ‘Black Families’ & ‘Broken Homes’?!

Yet another 2020 split?? We guess it really won’t end until midnight tomorrow… Anyway, the latest sad news out of splitsville is that Tyrese Gibson and his wife Samantha Lee Gibson are getting a divorce after nearly four years of marriage. The exes had met back in 2015 and later got hitched on Valentine’s Day […]


OMG Even Hilaria & Alec Baldwin’s Wedding Was Spanish Themed — Inspired By Hilaria’s ‘Culture’!

After the s**tstorm that has been the past 12 months, full of true horrors and tragedies, we’re happy to end 2020 discussing the hilari-ous case of Hilaria Baldwin. And despite Alec Baldwin’s wishes for everyone to ignore the bizarre drama, it appears we’re just getting started! As we reported, the yoga instructor was accused of […]