Why are not people in a second Great Depression?

Why are not people in a second Great Depression? It is a significant puzzle, at least for many people. The U.S. market crashed spectacularly past spring once the variety of everyday COVID-19 cases spanned on April 24 using 36,741 fresh circumstances. GDP dropped from the very vertiginous fall actually recorded, and countless employees lost their […]


Report: Microwave weapons may be behind mysterious illness afflicting US officials abroad

The US embassy in Havana, Cuba, in 2017. | Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images Experts offer more clarity on what might be behind “Havana syndrome” symptoms. A new report from the National Academy of Sciences has found “directed” radio frequency energy to be the most plausible explanation for mysterious and debilitating neurological symptoms experienced by dozens of […]


Long until Kanye West recognized that the love of his own life has been — respectful, we imply his adoring wife Kim Kardashian West, clearly — he had been only another single man out there on the dating arena, with one night stands

1 girl who cried to his charms?  Kenya Moore, future star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Throughout a virtual trip to The Wendy Williams Show on Friday, the Bravolebrity spilled the tea in her nighttime using Yeezy. Along with the tea wasn’t really sweet. Connected: Fans Have Ideas Concerning This Particular Kanye Wrote For Kim In the […]