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Pokémon YouTuber Leonhart Opens Massive “Pop Up Shop” This Weekend, Will Include Over $500K Of Vintage Cards

It could be “the biggest Pokémon event” in TCG history. One of the nicest guys on YouTube and within the Pokémon TCG community is Leonhart. He’s got around 1.58 million subscribers, so you might have watched at least one of his videos if you are into the trading card game. He’s an individual who loves […]


Don’t pick on Austin Reaves you jerks

Austin Reaves’ star is steadily rising as a rookie for the Los Angeles Lakers — for various reasons. Read more…

Gronk ready to retire, but we’ve been here before

Gronk only pawn in game of life

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Teenage Artist Virginia Frances Sterrett’s Hauntingly Beautiful Century-Old Dreamscapes for French Fairy Tales

A forgotten visionary of rare talent and solemn tenderness. Virginia Frances Sterrett (1900–1931) had barely learned to walk when she began drawing. She never stopped, and her talent never ceased winning over its legion of silent champions. At fourteen, unthoughtful of achievement and ambition, friends persuaded her to send her drawings to the Kansas State […]

Wellness Watch: 2022 Arnold Classic With Dr. Sunny Andrews

Kate Middleton’s Failsafe Dress-and-Boot Combo Comes Fashion Editor-Approved

Johnny Knoxville Suffered A Brain Hemorrhage & Depression After THIS Jackass Forever Stunt!

Being a Jackass star isn’t as easy as Johnny Knoxville makes it look! This week, the reality star sat down with Howard Stern to promote the latest installation of the franchise, which hits theaters in February. While Johnny’s survived being shot out of a cannon and a motorcycle falling down onto his crotch, he admitted that one stunt in Jackass Forever almost knocked him out for good: being hit by a real life bull! He recalled: “The bull hit was the worst hit I’ve ever taken from a bull or maybe period.” The 50-year-old went on to recall the hit left him with

Michael Madsen Reveals Son Hudson’s Heartbreaking Final Message To Him Before Death By Suicide

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] Michael Madsen is speaking out following the tragic death of his son Hudson. As we previously reported, the 26-year-old recently died by suicide in Hawaii, where he had been living with his wife Carlie. Now, Michael is mourning his son’s passing and trying to grapple with the extremely unexpected nature of the horrible incident. Ugh. Our hearts break for this family… Related: Texas Brothers Allegedly Beat Stepfather To Death For Reportedly Sexually Abusing Sister The mournful father released a new statement to the Los Angeles Times this week, with the actor expressing shock about Hudson’s death and revealing that the last communication

Wellness Watch: 2022 Arnold Classic With Dr. Sunny Andrews

Welcome to Wellness Watch, a new video series with Lauren Lotter highlighting the best in the Pro League Wellness division. We are starting with the sensational Dr. Sunny Andrews, who is qualified for the 2022 Olympia and the 2022 Arnold and with just less than seven weeks to go, we are excited to see which Wellness lady will take the Arnold title this year: will it be Dr. Sunny? Maybe, so watch this week’s episode and find out more about Dr. Sunny on Wellness Watch!  The post Wellness Watch: 2022 Arnold Classic With Dr. Sunny Andrews first appeared on FitnessRX

In 2021, Move On members rose up against injustices and ran inspiring campaigns!

2021 was quite a year, and the work we did together is an inspiration—whether MoveOn members were working locally to stop a toxic pipeline project, holding corporations accountable for profiting off of right-wing conspiracy theories, or helping to keep people in their homes during the global pandemic, we have rallied together in moments of uncertainty […]

MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting Statement on Senate Vote on Filibuster

MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting Statement on President Biden’s Voting Rights Speech

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Biologists name new species of branching worm after legendary King Ghidorah

Enlarge / (left) Biologists have named a newly discovered species of branching worm, Ramisyllis kingghidorahin, after Godzilla’s nemesis. (right) Fragment of one specimen of the branching worm. (credit: M.T. Aguado) In the 2019 blockbuster film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, everyone’s favorite kaiju, Godzilla, battled another titan named King Ghidorah, a monster notable for its […]

Omicron-specific vaccine boosters are now in humans as trials begin

Apple just had the biggest holiday quarter in its history

Star Wars 1313 video finally shows how Book of Boba Fett game might’ve looked

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