Hackers tied to Russia’s GRU targeted the US grid for years

Enlarge (credit: Yuri Smityuk | Getty Images) For all the nation-state hacker groups that have targeted the United States power grid—and even successfully breached American electric utilities—only the Russian military intelligence group known as Sandworm has been brazen enough to trigger actual blackouts, shutting the lights off in Ukraine in 2015 and 2016. Now one […]


In pursuit of’Web zero,’ Spain’s Iberdrola Stakes big on America

Our assignment that will assist you browse the new standard is fueled by readers. To enjoy unlimited access to our own journalism, subscribe now . The price reflects the rising might of a bunch of fast-moving, low-carbon utilities firms –progressively coming from overseas –from the race to decarbonize America’s electricity industry. The bargain folds PNM Resources–that […]