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Nicki Minaj Suspended From Twitter Over Baseless COVID Vaccine Claims, As Experts Waste Time Debunking It!

Nicki Minaj may enjoy “being f**king dumb,” but gurl shouldn’t be surprised that making other people f**king dumb in regards to something as life-and-death as COVID vaccines is enough to get her suspended from Twitter! As we reported, the superstar shared a completely baseless rumor about COVID-19 vaccination side effects on Wednesday, claiming that a […]

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Swollen Testicles?! So THIS Is The COVID-Related Reason Why Nicki Minaj Bailed On The Met Gala…

Nicki Minaj didn’t show out at the Met Gala on Monday evening, and now we know why. Hours before the start of the much-anticipated event, the Trinidadian-born rapper and singer revealed her reasoning: she didn’t want to get the COVID-19 vaccination required in order to go to the event. Ugh! Girl. Really?!?! What kind of anti-science […]


Michael B. Jordan Apologizes for Rum Brand’s Controversial Name After Getting Called Out By Nicki Minaj & Others

Celebs’ alcohol brands seem to be the new frontier of cultural appropriation right now. Michael B. Jordan might have learned a lesson from all the heat Kendall Jenner got for her 818 Tequila brand. Instead, he found himself embroiled in a pretty similar controversy. Over the weekend, the actor celebrated the launch of his new […]