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Joe Rogan Addresses COVID Stance & N-Word Scandal In New Standup: ‘I Talk S**t For A Living’

Joe Rogan is speaking out about all the controversies he’s recently been making headlines for… The Joe Rogan Experience host and standup comic performed a gig Tuesday night on the Vulcan Gas Company stage in Austin, Texas, and he didn’t shy away from speaking about his scandals. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rogan’s “intimate” appearance at the venue […]


Defending Joe Rogan! Defending Whoopi Goldberg! Defending Kim Kardashian! And MORE!

Should we cancel cancel culture? Talking this week’s most divisive celebs and more on our latest podcast! Watch tomorrow on our @PerezHilton YouTube or listen NOW! This week: Kanye West has is trying to control Kim Kardashian still – and she’s not having it! Joe Rogan should not be fired from Spotify, we think! U? […]


Joe Rogan Brags He Can Suck His Own D**k: ‘I’m Super Flexible’!

Joe Rogan wants you to know he’s a man of many talents! The podcaster and horse dewormer promoter made an odd claim during a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, on which he declared: “I could suck my own d**k if I wanted to!” Wow, talk about cocky! The bold allegation came during a […]


Joe Rogan Asserts ‘Straight White Men’ Will Eventually Be Silenced By ‘Woke’ Culture — Twitter Reacts!

Here’s another utterly ridiculous opinion brought to you by The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan, who was once best known for being the guy who watched people eat bugs on Fear Factor, has built a podcasting empire for himself on his right-of-center, faux-intellectual, pot-smoking libertarian image. For whatever reason, the comedian’s show is known less […]


Self-Proclaimed ‘F**king Moron’ Joe Rogan (Kind Of) Walks Back Stupid Anti-Vaccine Comments

Joe Rogan is ready to admit this much: he sure is a “f**king moron.” Those are the exact words he used in a new episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify on Thursday, at least. Now, in a direct response to a controversy Joe himself created a week ago, he’s (sort of) walking back anti-vaccine […]