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Dave Grohl Admits He’s ‘F**king Deaf’ And Has Been Reading Lips For 20 YEARS!

The price you pay to be a rock star! Dave Grohl has spent most of his life rocking out on stage, but it turns out that has severely damaged his hearing! While sitting down for a chat on The Howard Stern Show , the Foo Fighters frontman admitted that he is “f**king deaf. ” When […]


Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s Second Engagement Is ‘Only A Matter Of Time’!

Is Bennifer ready for Round 2? Bill Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been dating for a little less than a year now. But we can never forget their shared history together from Bennifer 1. 0 — as a reminder, they met in early 2002, and they were engaged by November of that same year. There’s […]


Jennifer Lopez Shuts Down Rumors She’s Angry At Ben Affleck For Controversial Comments About Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez just set the record straight about her feelings on Ben Affleck ’s controversial statements on ex-wife Jennifer Garner ! ICYMI, Page Six reported earlier this week that the 52-year-old singer was “pissed” about what he said on The Howard Stern Show because now “she is getting pulled into this because she is dating […]


Jennifer Garner’s Friends Call Out Ben Affleck’s ‘Disgusting’ Remarks About The Exes’ Marriage!

Jennifer Garner’s friends are unsurprisingly infuriated over Ben Affleck’s recent comments. In case you somehow missed it, the 49-year-old actor came under fire this week after stopping by The Howard Stern Show, where he expressed that because he felt “trapped” in his marriage to the actress, he inevitably started drinking. The Gone Girl alum also […]


A ‘Slap In The Face’: How Jennifer Garner Felt About Ben Affleck’s Shocking Comments About Their Marriage

Jennifer Garner understandably did not take kindly to her ex making her sound like some kind of tragic fate he narrowly avoided. In case you missed it, Ben Affleck paid a visit to The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, and his comments about his ex were anything but complimentary. Especially the part about how he […]


Ben Affleck Opens Up About What Caused Initial Jennifer Lopez Breakup Way Back When!

What prevented Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez from making it legendary|succeeding in the|letting it|making it possible for|allowing it|enabling|allowing|making it very|allowing for} to the altar all those years ago? Well, we still don’t know the full story, but now we know at least half of it. As all of us all know, the couple — who […]


Kristen Stewart Has A BIG ASK For Guy Fieri Following Dylan Meyer Engagement!!

Kristen Stewart already knows what she wants on her and fiancé Dylan Meyer‘s big day! In case you somehow didn’t hear the huge news, the 31-year-old actress revealed that she got engaged to her girlfriend during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday. She told the host: “We’re marrying, we’re totally gonna do […]


Kristen Stewart Is Engaged To Dylan Meyer!

Congratulations are in order! Kristen Stewart announced on Tuesday that she is engaged to longtime GF Dylan Meyer. The pair were first spotted together in August 2019 and now, two years later, fans spotted a tell-tale ring on the actress’ finger! Stewart finally confirmed the big news during her appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern […]