Fast 9 film review: Fast and furious enough, but buckle up for potholes

Every Fast & Furious film has at least one stand-out car-brand showdown, and in Fast 9, that honor goes to Dodge (left) versus Ford (right). [credit: Universal Pictures ] A few months ago, ahead of this week’s launch of Fast 9, I began pulling myself out of the wreckage that was the COVID-19 pandemic by […]


Vin Diesel Honors Paul Walker As F9 Approaches Premiere At… Wait, CANNES?! REALLY??

It’s amazing how fast time can get away from you… The irreplaceable Paul Walker was taken from us in that horrible accident way back in November of 2013, nearly eight years ago now. When the first Fast & Furious film came out afterward, his final film role, it gave fans a cathartic way to say goodbye to […]