Russian game dev tells players to “raise the pirate flag” to get around sanctions

Enlarge / If you can’t buy Loop Hero , the developers encourage you in order to pirate it. With Russian gamers effectively cut off from purchases on most major gaming platforms due to corporate sanctions against the country, the Russian game developer behind indie darling Loop Hero is encouraging Russian customers to pirate the game. […]


Nintendo wants admitted Team Xecuter pirate jailed for five years

Enlarge / It’s-a me, the long arm of the law. (credit: Aurich Lawson / Nintendo / Getty Images) Nintendo says a prominent member of the notorious Team Xecuter hacking group— known for the “SX OS” line of Switch hacking devices —should serve 60 months in prison after pleading guilty to piracy-related charges in November . […]


Modder pleads guilty to piracy charges, will pay Nintendo $4. 5 million

A prototype SX Core device soldered to a Nintendo Switch motherboard. [credit: Team Xeceuter ] Gary Bowser will plead guilty to two federal felony charges related to his work with Team Xecuter, the maker of the “SX” line of Switch modding devices and other tools Bowser now admits were “predominant[ly] and primar[ily] design[ed]… to allow […]


Film studios sue “no logs” VPN provider for $10 million

Enlarge / Your at-home entertainment studio. (credit: Ella Don ) Dozens of movie production companies sued LiquidVPN this year over the VPN provider’s marketing efforts that could be perceived as promoting piracy. These companies, which are now seeking $10 million in damages, claim that the “no log” policy associated with LiquidVPN is not a valid […]


$1 billion piracy ruling could force ISPs to disconnect more Internet users

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Bosca78) A billion-dollar judgment in a piracy lawsuit involving a major Internet service provider could force ISPs to terminate more customer accounts and “punish the innocent and guilty alike,” advocacy groups have warned. Urging an appeals court to overturn the ruling, the groups wrote that “upholding this verdict would result […]


Fake DMCA takedown notice targeted Ubuntu downloaders yesterday

u/NateNate60 received this (heavily redacted) DMCA infringement warning. We don’t have email headers, so we can’t 100% verify it actually came from Comcast. [credit: u/NateNate60 ] This week, Redditor u/NateNate60 got a nasty surprise in his inbox—a DMCA infringement warning from his ISP, Comcast Xfinity. The notice warned him that Comcast had “received a notification […]


Piracy is Flourishing off the Shore of West Africa Regardless of COVID Virtually Devastating global Sea Visitors

Our assignment to generate business better would be fueled by viewers just like you. To enjoy unlimited access to the journalism, subscribe now . This August, the last captives held hostage by Somali pirates had been eventually released following an overly captivity. The stretch of shore off East Africa in which the captives were shot in […]