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It’s quite a country when Mark Cuban, not Congress, will give Americans cheaper prescription drugs

When universal health care fails to pass in Congress, there’s always Tag Cuban to fall back on. The billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner launched an online pharmacy this week in order to combat the price gouging of prescription drugs by large pharmaceutical companies. Read more…


Amazon and Walmart try—again—to upend prescription drug prices

Enlarge (credit: Getty | George Frey) Amazon and Walmart are ramping up their efforts to grab market share in the $360 billion prescription drug market in the US. Today, Amazon announced that Prime members can receive a six-month supply of several widely prescribed drugs, starting at $6. Many drugs are pricier but are still discounted […]


Amazon Pharmacy is Now Live: Shoppers can Currently Purchase prescriptions Straight through the Technology giant Inc. introduced its main push in to selling prescription medication with the launching of an electronic pharmacy and reductions for committing U.S. Prime associates who sent shock waves throughout stocks of pharmacy chains and vendors. The e-commerce giant Tuesday introduced Amazon Pharmacy, also a part of its own retail site and mobile application which […]