Hands-on: Echo Show 8 is like a tablet grafted onto a smart speaker

Enlarge / Thanks for the suggestion, Alexa—it just might be time to revist Ferris and friends this weekend. Oh, yeah! (credit: Jim Salter) Amazon’s newly redesigned Echo Show 8 offers a form factor with a ton of potential. The relatively small smart speaker/display combo is roughly the size and shape of a small Kindle Fire […]


Amazon’s 2nd-gen Echo Show offers better cameras, CPUs, and speakers

This Echo Show 8 is handling a group video call. [credit: Amazon ] Amazon launched hardware upgrades for its Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 product lineup today; the new versions have higher-resolution cameras, upgraded CPUs, and a new Echo Show 5 Kids. The Echo Show 10 did not get a hardware refresh. If […]


Khloé Kardashian Borrows Around Pre-Fame Days As Nicole Richie’s Personal Assistant:’I Only Wanted A Job’

{ Khloé Kardashian is taking things back into a simpler time: the 2000s, when reality TV was only coming to its golden era, The Simple Life had taken over, along with also her now-famous fam hadn’t {} their trip to the very best!|} Even the 36-year-old reality TV celebrity and style biz founder appeared this […]