Chrishell Stause’s EPIC Reaction To Receiving Unsolicited D**k Pic!

Better think twice before you send a d**k pic to this Selling Sunset star! (And not just because that’s a totally gross and violating thing to do.) Chrishell Stause was NOT happy to receive a very NSFW photo in her in DMs this week, so she clapped back with the most brilliant response on Wednesday! […]


Woman Allegedly Killed & Dismembered Lover While High During Sex, Then Dumped His Head & Penis In Bucket

A 24-year-old woman in Wisconsin is facing a murder charge after allegedly killing her lover “during a drug-fueled sex session” and then dismembering his body, reportedly leaving his head and penis in a bucket. WTF… Taylor Schabusiness (pictured in her mugshot, above) allegedly killed a 25-year-old man late last month in the city of Green […]


Olympic Skier Suffers Frozen Penis During Race — Wait, WHAT?!

A cross-country skier from Finland had a chilling realization in his run at the Winter Olympics in Beijing this past weekend. Finnish Olympian Remi Lindholm was enjoying his Olympic experience — the first of his career — when he showed up on Saturday for the men’ s 50km free start cross country race. The event […]


Yes, that was a dildo on the field in Buffalo… again

The question is not really so much who brings a dildo to a football game. People bring things to places. Maybe it’s a good-luck dildo. That’s really your own business, although it could be the business of Buffalo’s stadium, whose rules prohibit many items from the premises, among them: Read more…


Pete Davidson & Machine Gun Kelly Strip Down To Their Underwear To Talk Penis Size!

Move over, Kim Kardashian. Your boyfriend’s entering the underwear game! Not to be outdone by Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian’s sexy SKIMS shoot, Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly decided to try their hand at stripping down and tantalizing fans. On Monday, the BFFs participated in a livestream for Calvin Klein where they flexed some […]


Nick Cannon Appears To Show Off Massive Bulge On TV & Fans Have Lost Their Damn Minds!

Forget Nick Cannon — just call him D**k Cannon! The on-air host and media personality left fans stunned late last week after filming a What’ s Poppin’? segment for his eponymous TV talk show. It wasn’ t about the content of the segment, either — he was dishing on the Golden Girls convention, FYI — but […]


Will Men FINALLY Take Climate Change Seriously?! Scientist Claims Penis Shrinkage Is Caused By Pollution!

In case you needed another reason to believe in climate change, it turns out pollution is causing men’s penises to shrink. Yep, you read that right! Manhood is at stake here. Dr. Shanna Swan, who is a renowned environmental and reproductive epidemiologist, explained the shocking findings in her latest book, Count Down: How Our Modern […]


Rare 50 million-year-old fossilized bug flashes its penis for posterity

Enlarge / This poor fossilized assassin bug’s tiny penis is being closely scrutinized by paleontologists who consider the find “a rare treat”—because it has been so extraordinarily preserved. (credit: Daniel R. Swanson/Sam W. Heads) A rare fossilized assassin bug is causing a bit of a stir in entomology circles, because it is so remarkably well-preserved […]