Kid Rock Just Dropped A New Song About Woke Culture And It’s The Worst S**t We’ve Ever Heard

We’ re ready to claw our own eyeballs out after this one. Kid Rock is evidently extremely upset that young people have the gall to fight for a more just and equal society, and he’ s responding in the only way he knows how: by releasing a truly terrible new song about political correctness and […]


Rockstar servers down for nearly a day amid remastered GTA Trilogy launch

Comparison images provided by Rockstar Games. The servers for the Rock-star Games Launcher on PC have been down for nearly 24 hours now, and PC versions of Rockstar’s games have been removed from sale on the company’s website. The timing of the outage is particularly tough for the company, coming amid Thursday’s launch of the […]


You have 72 hours to buy the original, moddable GTA III trilogy on PC

Enlarge After months of rumors that Rockstar was cooking up revamped versions of the original Grand Theft Auto 3 trilogy for modern hardware, the publisher confirmed Friday its plans to do just that—and if you’re interested in playing your own custom-tailored version of these classics on PC by installing mods, you have three days to […]


Ex-Sony exec opens up about efforts to bring PlayStation hits to PC

Enlarge (credit: Collage by Aurich Lawson) Sony has a long history of keeping its first-party games behind the walled garden of console exclusivity. So the company’s choice to bring its PS4 hit Horizon Zero Dawn to PC in August 2020 felt like a precedent-changing move away from that barrier to entry. It represented a seismic […]


The best version of FIFA 22 won’t be on PC

Enlarge / The ball is the latest consoles. The player in blue is EA. The player in red is the PC. (credit: EA ) The PC version of the upcoming FIFA 22 will be missing certain features available on the latest generation of consoles and Google’s Stadia streaming platform. The PC version will be comparable […]


Sony lists PC version of Uncharted 4 in investor report

A familiar franchise logo appears… A PC port of 2016 PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be coming sometime in the future. That’s according to a Game & Network Services presentation made as part of Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2021. Uncharted 4 is listed in that presentation deck under the heading “more PC releases […]


Intel hires Justin Long to mock Macs in throwback to 2000s “I’m a Mac” ads

Intel’s “Justin Gets Real: Touch Screens” ad. Chipmaker Intel has produced a series of ads mocking Apple’s M1 Macs, and it brought on actor Justin Long—famous for his role in Apple’s 2000s “I’m a Mac” ads opposite comedian John Hodgman—to satirize Apple’s own ad campaign. In five video ads labeled “Justin Gets Real” that have […]


The world’s second-most popular desktop operating system isn’t macOS anymore

Enlarge / Just a few of the Chromebooks we’ve reviewed and tested in recent years. (credit: Valentina Palladino) For ages now, every annual report on desktop operating system market share has had the same top two contenders: Microsoft’s Windows in a commanding lead at number one, and Apple’s macOS in distant second place. But in […]


PC sales finally saw big growth in 2020 after years of steady decline

Enlarge / A promotional shot for Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga laptop, one of the new 2021 laptops meant to capitalize on growing traditional PC sales. (credit: Lenovo) During the Consumer Electronics Show this week, research firm IDC released a report on worldwide traditional PC sales in 2020, and it tells a rosier story than […]


Xbox Cloud Gambling Support Strikes iOS, Windows PCs in spring 2021 

Expand / This demo of Microsoft’s Job xCloud as played a Razer Kishi controller, attached to your normal Android smartphone, may be a sign of what is to come to iOS apparatus in spring of 2021. At a blog article now retrieved everything from forthcoming games to programs for Xbox collection X/S, Microsoft announced that […]