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Let he who is without sin cast the hottest take

The NBA hasn’t had a real (or uncovered) gambling scandal since booking games became legal in more than select locations. Unless you count Scott Foster’s streak of holding down playoff teams that employ Chris Paul — which is currently at 14 games after the Suns’ loss to New Orleans in Game 2 on Tuesday night […]


Paxton Lynch is rearing his ugly head again

The United States Football League held Day 1 of its inaugural player draft last night. With the league opting to keep its available player pool a mystery until draft day, it was kind of exciting to finally get to see which formerly big names in the NFL and college football we’d see take the field […]


Taking a look at QB-heavy draft classes, and why the best isn’t always the guy who goes highest

In a quarterback league, this year’s NFL Draft looks like one of the most quarterback-rich talent pools in history. We know that Trevor Lawrence will be the No. 1 pick for the Jaguars, and after him, it’s likely that the Jets and 49ers will select signal callers, making this the first draft with quarterbacks going… […]