Three new Star Wars video games are in development at EA, Respawn

Enlarge / Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Yes, the colon comes after the “Jedi.” (credit: EA) EA and Lucasfilm Games have jointly announced that three new Star Wars games are in development at Respawn, the studio that developed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Among those three planned games is a sequel to Fallen Order, which was […]


Raiders of the Lost Ark turns 40 and it’s still an unqualified masterpiece

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) relishes the challenge of stealing a Peruvian fertility idol. [credit: Lucasfilm ] I still remember the thrill of watching Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time in the summer of 1981. I spilled my popcorn at the very first jump scare: our hero, Indiana Jones, triggered a booby trap […]


JJ Abrams: Lack of plan in Star Wars’ latest trilogy was a “critical” flaw

Enlarge / No, the Collider interview doesn’t mention Jar Jar, but who doesn’t love an opportunity to put JJ next to Star Wars’ other big “JJ”? (credit: Sam Machkovech / Lucasfilm / Getty Images) An upcoming interview with filmmaker JJ Abrams will span the entirety of his career, and that means it includes significant statements […]


The Colorado Avalanche make medicine sick

It isn’t much of a story when a preseason favorite starts rising to the top of the standings. Most everyone thought the Colorado Avalanche would be a Cup contender this year, playing 56 preseason games and one warm-up series before a West Division final with the Vegas Golden Knights that will contain enough speed and… […]


The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano Booted From Disney+ Series After Social Media Controversy

Gina Carano has been exiled from a galaxy far, far away. Carano starred as Cara Dune in the first two seasons of The Mandalorian, Disney+’s first television entry into the Star Wars universe. The character was an initial fan favorite, but the actress became controversial for her political social media posts. Related: John Boyega SLAMS […]


Bethesda, Lucasfilm tease new Indiana Jones video game

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of the gaming public eyeing the prospect of another movie-licensed game with suspicion… Bethesda will be publishing a new Indiana Jones game “with an original story” in collaboration with Wolfenstein: The New Order developers Machine Games, the publisher announced today via Twitter. Todd Howard, best known for his directing work on […]


Disney brings back the Lucasfilm Games brand for future Star Wars titles

Enlarge / Very very recently, in a game industry not very far away… Star Wars games will now be gathered together under the revitalized Lucasfilm Games banner. An announcement today on highlights the new Lucasfilm Games logo, which will appear in all future titles surrounding the Star Wars franchise. A new sizzle reel highlights […]


The Way the Stunt has expedited innovation Inside the film Sector

Together with his staff at Industrial Light & Magic, Rob Bredow is helping transform the way tv shows and films are taken. Utilizing an immersive, enormous, and cavernous LED video walls which stretches 270 degrees across the movie collection, reaches 75 ft in diameter, and may exhibit digital surroundings that rival fact, Bredow along with […]