Man Streams On Facebook Live To Confess Killing Ex-Girlfriend Before Murdering Ex-Wife And Turning Gun On Himself

[ Warning : Potentially  Triggering  Content] A Maryland man reportedly killed his ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife, and then turned the gun on himself after confessing to the alleged crime spree on Facebook Live . Rajaee Black admitted in a live-streaming video that he had allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend, Tara Labang , at some point over […]


Twitch’s “ban evasion” toolset: An intriguing step in moderation cat-and-mouse

Enlarge (credit: Twitch) Twitch, the livestreaming platform that largely revolves around video games, has exploded in popularity since being acquired by Amazon in 2014—but it has also exploded in issues with toxicity. This week, Twitch took an important step in handling its bustling, applause-like “chat” feature, and it goes beyond the usual dictionary-based approach of […]


Home Intruder Interrupts Suzanne Somers’ Makeup Live Stream — And She’s SO Cool About It! WATCH!

This is WILD! But credit to Suzanne Somers for keeping her cool in such a weird and uncertain situation. Related: Eminem Bravely Confronts And Fights Off Home Intruder! Whoa! The former Step By Step star was doing a Facebook livestream makeup tutorial at her Palm Springs, California home on Friday night when, about 40 minutes into the popular social media […]


How AOC showed politicians the power of live-streaming

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) went live on Twitch in late October to play the multiplayer game Among Us and talk, game, and spar with users, it marked an inflection point in our society. If you were one of the 400,000 people who tuned in, you witnessed a moment in history. AOC and Rep. Ilhan […]