Jay Cutler FIRED By Uber Eats Over Controversial Anti-Mask Stance!

Well, we never expected an NFL star and Disney Channel mom to be teaming up for the same fight, but that’s exactly what’s happening ahead of the new school year! Jay Cutler has been fighting against a mandatory mask mandate at his children’s school in Williamson County, Tennessee — the same one that Good Luck […]

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Disney Channel Star Leigh-Allyn Baker Makes Strange Anti-Vaxx Speech At School Board Meeting — WATCH!

Good luck anti-vaxxers… Even having a Disney Channel mom on your side isn’t enough to change a school board’s mind! (Thank god. ) Leigh-Allyn Baker , who starred in Good Luck Charlie , was among a group of Franklin, Tennessee natives protesting a new mask mandate in their school district on Thursday. The 49-year-old actress, […]