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Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out Against The COVID Vaccine: A Guide To The Misguided

Nicki Minaj made heads turn on social media Monday by making radical claims her cousin’s friend had received the COVID-19 vaccine in Trinidad and became “impotent” and suffered swollen testicles. As a result of that misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine and its possible symptoms, Twitter (and medical professionals) BLASTED the singer, who skipped out on […]

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Trump Team Asked SO MANY Celebs To Perform Taxpayer-Funded COVID Advertising — You Will Be SHOCKED Who’Perhaps’!

Bear in mind a couple of weeks back when we found the Trump government was taking countless intended to resist COVID-19 — and spending on advertisements to tell folks not to be concerned about it rather?? And that these advertisements would comprise The Parent Trap celebrity Dennis Quaid?? It turns out he wasn’t the only […]