Gig companies fear a worker shortage, despite a recession

Enlarge (credit: Ore Huiying/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Unemployment in the US remains stubbornly high at 6.3 percent. Job growth has stalled, with 9.6 million fewer jobs in January than the same month a year earlier. But gig companies say they’re having trouble finding people to drive, pick up, and deliver for them. “I’m worried about […]


The broken business Version of Uber and Lyft is Carrying a Significant toll on society

What could a security web look just like for gig employees in the Internet-based market? It would offer health insurance, of course, along with a retirement program, sick leave{} worker and unemployment compensation. Plus it might be fair and mobile: A individual working part time for different businesses would have strong advantages that traveling with […]


Uber and Lyft Stocks soar Following a California labor-protections vote Moves His way

Shares in ride-hailing giants Uber Technologies and Lyft jumped in premarket trading Wednesday, following Republicans in California approved a ballot initiative the 2 firms had thrown tremendous resources to encouraging. The initiative protects so-called gig-economy businesses, such as Lyft and also Uber, by a new law which could have handled their drivers as workers qualified […]