This is the world’s oldest image of a ghost

(credit: Photograph: The British Museum) A curator exploring the shadowy recesses of the British Museum’s archives recently encountered a ghost—or rather, the world’s oldest image of one, etched onto a 3, 500-year-old Babylonian clay tablet. The figure of a tall, emaciated spirit with his hands bound illustrates the text of an ancient exorcism ritual meant […]


Celebrity Ghost Stories!

Celebrities are just like us… haunted by the restless spirits of the dead! Seriously, we’ve heard some wild ghost stories over the years from celeb and non-celeb alike. But these stars have some of the best! Whether it’s spectral presences getting overly amorous or scaring folks so bad they have to leave their homes, here […]


Grandmother Thinks She Caught A DEMON On Camera Hovering Over Granddaughter’s Crib — Look!

It’s always nice to have someone willing to look after your child — unless that someone is an otherworldly spirit you definitely didn’t ask to babysit. A Las Vegas grandmother is petrified and seeking help after she recorded what she described as a “horned demon” lurking over the crib of her granddaughter. According to reports, […]


Whoa! Haunting In Connecticut Star Says Film Itself Was ACTUALLY HAUNTED!

A movie about haunting getting haunted? We’d call this ironic, but… we figure ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING probably covers it better! If you haven’t seen The Haunting In Connecticut, you should — among the bumper crop of “based on a true story” ghost/possession movies from the past couple decades, it’s definitely one of the stronger entries. Part of […]