Cara Delevingne Explains Why Those Viral Sex Bench Pics With Ashley Benson Caused Her So Many Problems

It turns out the sex bench wasn’t fun 100% of the time… In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Cara Delevingne spent a majoirty of the time discussing her love for creating quality sex toys, as she’s now the co-owner of sex toy company Lora DiCarlo. So the subject obviously veered towards the 28-year-old supermodel talking […]


Paris Jackson & Cara Delevingne Debut Matching Tattoos — Years After Sharing A Public Makeout!

New (old) couple alert?? The Oscars were a unique kind of train-wreck this year, but if you were rubbernecking to look at mixed up categories and “In Memoriam” travesties, you may have missed a big hint of a possible relationship. Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne celebrated the evening together, and looked fab together. Photos: Paris & Godfather […]


Cara Delevingne Recalls ‘Suicidal’ Moments Due To ‘Shame’ About Her Sexuality

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] Cara Delevingne may be fearlessly queer these days, but that wasn’t always the case! The supermodel and actress opened up about coming to terms with her sexuality in a candid interview with Gwyneth Paltrow on The goop Podcast, during which she confessed to feeling “shame” and “self-hatred” about same-sex attraction before […]

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Rita Ora Apologizes To’Inexcusable’ Birthday Party Throughout UK Lockdown — And A HEFTY Okay For It!

Celebs really believe the pandemic does not apply to these, huh? Through the almost nine-month catastrophe, the wealthy and famous are criticized repeatedly again to flouting quarantine principles and partying with pals. This moment, at least, a person actually paid for this Rita Ora has been made to shell out a hefty fine after throwing […]