Go away now, Mike Piazza

We already know what Mike Piazza’s politics are, as the Hall of Fame catcher appeared at a rally for Donald Trump last October . We can try to forget about it, and just appreciate the greatness of his career, but Piazza insists on continuing to stan the absolute worst candidates running for office. Read more…


Cardi B & Candace Owens Trade Blows Over The Rapper’s WAP Grammys Performance!

Candace Owens can’t stop talking about Cardi B’s WAP! The conservative commentator once again launched an attack on the Up rapper during an appearance on Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson’s show, where they took aim at Cardi’s “grotesque” performance with Megan Thee Stallion at the 2021 Grammy Awards. The Fox News contributor cried: “This seems […]


Candace Cameron Bure Schools Fans Who Are ‘Disappointed’ In The Accounts She Follows On Social Media!

Candace Cameron Bure is explaining why she follows a Full House of different opinions on social media! And listening to her reasoning, we can’t help but find ourselves agreeing with her! The 44-year-old Fuller House leading lady took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday evening to address something that has apparently been a growing controversy: fans mad about […]


Noah Cyrus Apologizes For Utilizing Racially Insensitive Word To Safeguard Harry Styles!

The Grammy nominee chose to sociable websites to apologize for having a naturally-occurring sentence after critics called out her because of it. {Everything started when Miley Cyrus‘ younger sis submitted on her Instagram Story to encourage Harry Styles‘ much-discussed Vogue photoshoot{} he uttered a Gucci coat over a gown.|} Throughout her effort to guard the […]


Logan Paul Shocks The World From DEFENDING Harry Styles Organizing A Dress In Vogue!

Yep! Of all of the people to come {} the directly facet of this Harry Styles-wearing-a-dress-for-Vogue discussion, we certainly didn’t need Logan Paul on our snare Bingo card… and here we’re Connected: Harry Styles Might Legitimately Be Your Sweetest Person Being EVER! The contentious 25-year-old YouTube celebrity was on air talking pop culture at the news […]


Olivia Wilde Defends Her Racy Fight Harry Styles Following Candace Owens Calls For A Dress At Vogue A’Strike’!

When we thought life was great, using Harry Styles producing history because the very first solo guy to grace the pay of all Vogue, Candace Owens needed to go destroying everything for everyone! On the weekend, even the conservative political commentator shared her undesirable remarks about Styles’ option to put on a dress for a portion […]

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Donald Trump Is Hosting ANOTHER In-Person Event In The White House; Guests’Instructed’ To Employ Masks

Donald Trump is now, and it seems as though he’s not discovered one thing in the last week or 2 , then he had been himself hospitalized while still fighting the coronavirus. On Saturday afternoon, hours from today, the President will sponsor a campaign event for tens of thousands of his supporters in the Rose […]