The Senior Bowl ceased public weigh-ins that resemble slave auctions the same week Brian Flores filed his lawsuit against the NFL

Back in the era of slavery — which wasn’t as long ago as racists, conservatives, and the GOP would like you to believe — Black bodies would be stripped naked, or close to it, and put on the auction block where they were sold to the highest white bidders. Their height, weight, skin color, sexual […]


Shanna Moakler Wants To Auction Off Her Engagement AND Wedding Ring From Travis Barker!

While Shanna Moakler may still have a grudge against Travis Barker, she does not plan to hold onto him in the tangible sense any longer! The 46-year-old pageant queen has reportedly looked into auctioning off several “sentimental” items from her marriage to Barker amid back-and-forth rumors that he is potentially engaged to Kourtney Kardashian. And […]


Video of Berners-Lee’s $5.4M NFT hints another exists—with an error

Enlarge / Berners-Lee reflecting on the creation of the World Wide Web. (credit: Courtesy Sotheby’s) Two weeks ago, World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee sent an NFT of the web’s original source code to the auction block with a starting bid of just $1,000. Yesterday, Sotheby’s announced that the crypto asset sold for $5.4 million. […]


Kurt Cobain’s Hair Sells For THOUSANDS At Auction!

OK, there are stans and there are stans. Which one are you? The type who would spend thousands of bucks on just a few hairs from your favorite singer? Well, that’s what someone did this week. Iconic Auctions sold a collection of six strands of Kurt Cobain‘s hair, and the whole thing went for an incredible… $14,145! That’s […]