Tesla announces $1, 900 electric quad bike for kids

Enlarge / The Cyberquad for Kids is a $1, 900 electric ATV. (credit: Tesla) The entry point for Tesla’s range of electric vehicles just got a lot lower. On Thursday, the American automaker announced the Cyberquad for Kids, an angular electrical all-terrain vehicle inspired by the particular company’s 2019 Cybertruck concept . At $1, 900, […]


82-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Attacked By ATV & Dirt Bike Riders While Getting Thanksgiving Turkey

An 82-year-old man was allegedly attacked by a group of ATV and dirt bike riders in Boston last Thursday evening while out getting this Thanksgiving turkey in preparation for the holiday. The man, who was unidentified by police in news reports, was apparently afflicted with “ serious injuries” such that he was forced to be […]


Woman Ran Over Husband With ATV After He Asked For A Divorce

A father of two is dead after a fight escalated to talk of divorce — and then crossed over to physical violence. Chanelle Lewis is facing charges of second-degree murder after running over her husband, Christopher Lewis, after a fight that his adult son claims began over… food? The couple were camping with his children from […]


Jamie Lynn Spears Reflects On Her Daughter’s Hospital Release Four Years Ago After ATV Accident

Jamie Lynn Spears is thankful for how things turned out for her daughter Maddie! Four years ago Friday, Maddie was released from the hospital after suffering a horrifying ATV accident in which her four-wheeler flipped, and she was submerged in water and seriously injured. At the time, she had been airlifted to a local emergency room, […]