Atari’s collapse cost us this exquisite-looking Laserdisc game

Here’s where players started. [credit: Richard Taylor ] When the early-’80s home video game business began dwindling in the US , Atari looked to a Laserdisc arcade cabinet to boost its fortunes. That’s according to Richard Taylor, who served as the film director for Atari Playland , an unreleased game cabinet from classic Atari’s waning days. […]


Trinitite: The radioactive rock buried in New Mexico before the Atari games

Trinitite specimens. (credit: mseery) Update, 5/29/21: It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US, and staff are trying to stay away from the keyboard accordingly. As such, we’re resurfacing a few classic pieces from our archives. This one originally ran on September 1, 2014 and details a long weekend-appropriate road trip adventure to come face-to-face with […]


Atari’s corporate zombie raises $110,000 overnight from Centipede NFTs

This image is practically worthless. But an NFT representing the same 3D model just sold for $18,000. The corporate entity managing the Atari brand name (which has only the slightest connection to the original company known as Atari at this point) is the latest company to get in on the speculative mania surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs). […]


Google Grows an AI that Will learn both Baseball and Pac-Man

The very first key conquest of artificial intelligence was chess. The sport has a shocking number of potential combinations, however, it had been relatively tractable as it was organised by means of a set of rules that are clear. An algorithm can always have great understanding of the condition of this game and understand each […]


DeepMind unveils new Information of game-mastering A.I. it States may Assist in Complicated real-world Surroundings

London A.I. firm DeepMind has released new information concerning an algorithm which could learn how to play games in superhuman levels–even if it does not begin knowing the principles of this sport, an accomplishment that the company claims is a major step toward producing A.I. systems which could deal with complex and uncertain real world […]