Stare into the abyss of a swirling black hole with this LED monolith installation

Enlarge / Screengrab of Jesse Woolston’s latest piece, The Dynamics of Flow, debuting at Art Basel Miami Beach later this week. (credit: Jesse Woolston) Multimedia artist, composer, and sound designer Jesse Woolston has had a recurring dream for much of his life about encountering a black hole, “falling inward, and waking up terrified.” (Who wouldn’t wake […]


X-ray analysis reveals hidden composition under iconic portrait of the Lavoisiers

Enlarge The French 18th-century chemist Antoine Lavoisier is a complicated historical figure. Scientifically, of course, he is an undisputed giant, helping usher in the chemical revolution as the field shifted from a qualitative to a quantitative approach, among many other achievements. He was also a wealthy nobleman and tax collector for the Ferme Generale, one of […]


Restored Vermeer painting finally reveals hidden Cupid in background

Enlarge / A new restoration of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window has revealed a Cupid in the background. The restored painting will be the centerpiece of a new exhibition at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden, Germany, from September 10, 2021, through January 2, 2022. (credit: Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, SKD) […]


OMG! Scott Disick Spent HOW MUCH On Another Extravagant Birthday Gift For Amelia Hamlin?!

DAYUM! Don’t think Scott Disick is truly serious about Amelia Gray Hamlin?! Well, the price tag on this new gift might have you rethinking that! On Wednesday, People confirmed the KUWTK alum purchased a signed Helmut Newton print worth $57,500 for his 20-year-old girlfriend!! That’s a lotta dough for a birthday gift! Related: Kourtney Explains […]


This miniature version of Starry Night was made with a “laser paintbrush”

Blurring the lines between science and art: researchers used a “laser paintbrush” to create art on metallic canvases. Researchers at ITMO University in Russia have created a “laser paintbrush” capable of creating localized color on a metallic canvas, using their method to create miniaturized replicas of various works of art—including Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry […]


Novel hydrogels can safely remove graffiti from vandalized street art

Enlarge / A five-year-old boy with boxing gloves poses in front of a huge mural of himself in Denver, Colorado. (credit: Blaine Harrington III/Image Bank/Getty Images) Mention the word “graffiti,” and many people’s thoughts immediately turn to vandalism in the form of defacement of property. But there is also graffiti that rises above such negative […]