Judge Dismisses Defamation Lawsuit Against Cardi B After Sister Hennessy Called 3 People ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’

Cardi B  has secured yet another legal victory!

According to TMZ, the 29-year-old rapper and her sister Hennessy Carolina just won the defamation case brought against them by three people following a clash in The Hamptons. It all went down when Hennessy and her friends went to Smith Point Beach in September 2020 and got into an argument with three beachgoers after allegedly parking and blocking their car. Things quickly escalated from there. When one person in a MAGA hat approached the Love & Hip Hop alum’s vehicle, she started recording the confrontation and “shouting foul and threatening language and defamatory statements,” per Billboard. Hennessy also allegedly spat on one of them.

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According to the lawsuit, the trio claimed Hennessey then accused them of being “racist, MAGA supporters” – noting that being labeled as “racist” was defamatory. Cardi, who was not present for the altercation, later tweeted the video, claiming her sister was being targeted because she is a gay, Afro-Hispanic woman. She wrote at the time:

“Nooooo that big pink man was harassing my sister girlfriend to move her car for no reason and then my sister came there had a back and forth and they stood quit when she Wip that phone out. They was harassing 2 Women ! Ya going to catch the right f**kin one !”

The three people ended up suing for defamation, as well as assault and battery afterward. And as Billboard reports, the three people claimed Hennessy and Cardi edited the video “to remove portions thereof, and thereby hold plaintiffs in a false light, so as to tend to expose and in fact expose each plaintiff to public contempt, ridicule and disgrace and harm.”

However, a judge in New York dismissed the case, saying the insults said by Hennessy were too general, so, therefore, doesn’t rise to the level of defamation. As for the alleged spitting, which was the basis for the assault and battery claim, the judge determined that even if she did spit, there was no evidence that she meant to target anyone. In fact, the judge noted that none of the three plaintiffs ever alleged that was Hennessy’s intent.

This legal win comes just two months after Cardi won another defamation suit against YouTube star Tasha K, who made several salacious accusations in videos posted on her channel, including the false claim that the Money performer supposedly had herpes. The jury ended up awarding her $1.25 million in damages.

Cardi has a lot to celebrate after these legal victories.

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