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10 Winter Outfits You’ll Immediately Want to Copy

As someone who feels the cold and likes to let everyone know about it, it might surprise you to learn that I’m hoping this is going to be a long winter. Why? Because I’ve just found a host of easy winter outfits that I want to not only re-create right now but also downright perfect over the next few months.

Yes, dressing in winter can be difficult, especially when you want to look cute and stay warm in the process, but somehow, my favourite influencers are making it look so simple—and I want in. Below, I’ve rounded up a mere selection of the impressive winter outfits I’ve spotted lately, all of which should be within styling reach, as they utilise some staples that may already be lingering in your wardrobe.

Scroll on to see them, and you too will be wishing spring would hold off to give you time to try these easy winter outfits for yourself.

Style Notes: I’m always here for print clashing, but I love how April keeps her look refined by sticking to similar hues within her contrasting checked pieces. The Western boots add instant fashion appeal. 

Style Notes: Fashion types are elevating their leggings with the addition of blazers and loafers, a combination I’m beginning to see more and more of.

Style Notes: Leather coats are trending in a big way right now. With the power to make all of your dresses, no matter how lightweight, feel more seasonally appropriate, this is one staple that’ll more than earn its place in your wardrobe. 

Style Notes: Anyone else feel like the universe is telling them they need an ACNE Studios scarf right now? When it has the power to pep up your winter outfits like this, I consider it to be a wise investment. 

Style Notes: One of the easiest ways to inject a shot of colour into your outfits is by way of a bright beanie hat. I love how Rayan has done just that with her beige-coat ensemble. Although very stylish, the shock of pink of her beanie takes her look up a notch. 

Style Notes: Although I want to incorporate them into my outfits, I find styling statement prints difficult. Marilyn, however, has come up with the perfect formula—printed trousers neutralised with a muted knit and boots. Bravo! 

Style Notes: Your basics needn’t be boring, as Monikh proves with her flawless combination of a shearling-lined jacket, which is statement enough to amp up her blue jeans and chunky boots. 

Style Notes: If you’re looking for a way to enhance your winter outfits without spending any money, take cues from Jen by thinking up new and interesting ways to wear your accessories. I’m so inspired by how she’s wrapped her scarf around her belt and then layered it over the unlikely combination of a waistcoat and a knitted dress. 

Style Notes: Remember how Marilyn styled her statement trousers with wardrobe basics above? Well, apply that same logic to a graphic knit, and you’ve got a foolproof, easy winter outfit combination. Jeannine’s leather trousers are anything but basic, but the black colourway doesn’t pull focus from her bold jumper. 

Style Notes: I’m all about creating pleasing palettes, and Grece has hit the nail on the head with her take on neutrals. Her blend of chocolate brown and olive works beautifully with her checked trousers. 

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