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This Cool Brand Has the Best Winter Capsule, From Chic Coats to Core Separates

The goal of any brand is to predict what its customers want to buy before they even realise it. This might sound simple, but in reality, it’s anything but. Nowadays, trends can change exponentially, making it harder for designers to keep up with our ever-changing wants and needs. Thankfully, some brands aren’t giving in to fleeting trends and are instead creating pieces with appeal that endures for more than one season. Cue 12 STOREEZ

If you were to type “12 STOREEZ” into our WWW Slack search bar, you’d see endless exchanges between our editors professing their love for the brand and spotlighting all the pieces they are seriously impressed by. So tempting as it may be to keep a secret, we thought it was high time we shared 12 STOREEZ’s chic style with you. 

Although it might be a relatively new find for us, the brand has been leading the style charge across Europe since its conception in Russia in 2014. Now, with a growing presence here on Brit soil, it’s fast becoming one of our favourite brands for grown-up, timeless staples that have the power to elevate everything else in our wardrobes. And as we edge closer to winter, we find ourselves particularly drawn to its latest collection, specifically the incredible outerwear.

12 STOREEZ has just unveiled the first pieces from its winter drop, which boasts staples that come together to create the perfect capsule for the season ahead. At the top of every winter style wish list should be an excellent coat—one that’ll give every outfit you wear some sophisticated flair. Ordinarily, coats of this calibre are tricky to find without making a hefty investment, but not at 12 STOREEZ. With oversized silhouettes, double-breasted designs and premium fabrications, these coats are classic and high-quality, and you’ll look forward to wearing them each and every year. We’re especially fond of the brand’s camel coats and the incredible double-faced wool styles, which easily look and feel as if they should be three times their price. 

As for the perfect autumn/winter outfits to go underneath its coats, 12 STOREEZ has that covered, too. The brand has flawlessly tailored separates, including cool knitwear, any-occasion dresses and bodysuits that your jeans are calling out for. They’re interchangeable, versatile and long-lasting, so you’ll get more than your fair share of use out of them. And 12 STOREEZ even has an array of excellent boots to complete your look.

Indeed, the entire capsule will help you get dressed effortlessly, but there’s nothing effortless about 12 STOREEZ’s approach to designing it. The brand spends a significant amount of time and effort creating its garments, honing the fit, feel and aesthetic to ensure you get maximum wearability out of each item. As for your winter wares, scroll on to see the nine 12 STOREEZ pieces we’re using to assemble our cold-weather capsule. 

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