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Frank And Drake Is An Intriguing ‘Dual Narrative’ Inspired By Frankenstein And Dracula

From the team that brought us STAY.

While download stores are full of certain game ‘types’ all vying for the same audience, there are also Indie studios producing experiences that are rather unique. Frank and Drake, from Spanish studio Appnormals Team, may be one to watch when it arrives on Switch in Spring 2022.

Appnormals Team previously developed STAY on Switch, itself a fascinating piece of storytelling that we quite enjoyed in our review. Frank and Drake certainly has eye-catching visuals, which utilise a rotoscoping technique in which live action video is then painted over frame-by-frame. In terms of the storyline it draws inspiration from Frankenstein and Dracula, as two roommates communicate solely through notes and other means. One works only at night, another in the day, and the game promises multiple mysteries, varied characters to meet, assorted puzzles and multiple endings.

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