Netflix Viewers Confused & Astounded By Sex/Life Star’s HUGE Penis In Shower Scene — Is It Real?!

Talk about a big premiere! And they say there are no water cooler moments with streaming TV… A new Netflix show premiered last Friday, and it’s already making Bridgerton look like Downton. If you haven’t heard, Sex/Life is an adult (let’s say VERY adult) drama about a married woman named Billie (Sarah Shahi) who can’t stop pining for her […]

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‘Loki’ Director Addresses Character’s Relationship With Sylvie

Loki director Kate Herron has addressed the titular character’s relationships with Sylvie and the potential for any romantic entanglement between the two. The second episode of Loki was one that ended with a jaw-dropping reveal. Specifically that the show was introducing another character named Sylvie who the internet quickly dubbed Lady Loki. The third episode […]