YouTuber Austin McBroom Says TikTok Star Bryce Hall Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Their Celeb Boxing Match

Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall will face off in a celebrity boxing match Saturday night, and to hear the YouTube star tell it, it’s aces for Bryce in what might be a VERY brief bout!

McBroom linked up with TMZ on Friday afternoon, and spoke candidly about how confident he is heading into Saturday night’s rumble in the ring.

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Without a hint of hesitation or a minute of contemplation, the ACE Family star spoke loud and proud about his abilities in the ring, telling the outlet that he’s flat-out guaranteeing a knock-out of Addison Rae‘s boyfriend very early on in the fight (below):

“He won’t last past the first round. He’d be lucky to get to the second round. If he gets to the second round, it’ll end right there.”


OK, love the confidence.

And as for Hall, who McBroom will see on Saturday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, it sounds like the YouTube OG is a little worried he might actually hurt the TikTok upstart!

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Austin sounds VERY confident about his skills in the boxing ring… / (c) Instagram

McBroom shaded the s**t out of Bryce with a second quip about the fight, adding:

“He’s nervous. He’s a nervous one. He’s out there getting jitters face-to-face. He was out there shaking a little bit. So, I just hope he’s ready man. ‘Cause in this sport, you can get seriously hurt. And, I would hate to hurt the kid.”

Yes, you can get seriously hurt in this sport… but can McBroom do that to Hall?! Really?? Or vice versa?!

Then again, we all saw how Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul turned out… so maybe this whole thing will simply be an exhibition stunt for money?!

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The media outlet caught up with Hall, too, and while he sounded confident as well he definitely wasn’t as over-the-top as McBroom. The trending TikTok talker said (below):

“I’m going to be calm, collected, and show my boxing capabilities, and do everything that I practiced the last three months, and I’m going to shock the s**t out of people. The nerves haven’t hit me yet … right now, I’m fully calm. I know when the bell rings, I’m going to go in there and do my thing, I’m gonna shock the s**t out of people, and I’m going to come out victorious.”

Guess it’s all about shocking the s**t out of people!


Who do U make of Saturday night’s fight between social media stars, Perezcious readers??

Who do U think will win?!

Sound OFF with your take on this boxing brouhaha down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Austin McBroom/Instagram/Bryce Hall/Instagram]

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