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Adorable Action-RPG ‘Garden Story’ Hits Switch This Summer

Fight of the Concord.

Announced for Switch in the August 2020 Nintendo Indie World Showcase, top-down action-RPG Garden Story is confirmed to be bringing its green fingers to Switch in ‘Summer 2021’. Hang on, we’re practically in ‘Summer 2021’ right now — it can’t be far away!

As revealed in the Day of the Dev’s livestream immediately following the Summer Game Fest Kickoff show, developer Picrogram’s new trailer (above) gave us a longer look at the game which sees you taking on the role of a cute grape called Concord. An evil (well, probably) entity known only as Rot is apparently creeping over the retro-flavoured island and it’s up to the young grape to defend it by growing things, harvesting resources, and — when absolutely necessary — giving the encroaching baddies a sound thrashing and saving the island community.

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