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Demi Lovato’s Fro-Yo Controversy, Now With A Sprinkle Of Angry DMs: ‘You Don’t Want To Mess With Me’

Demi Lovato went HARD after that fro-yo shop!!

But maybe that wasn’t the best move to make, all things considered?! Just saying!!

After all, it’s been about 24 hours since the Confident singer first went after local Los Angeles small business The Bigg Chill over what she felt was their inappropriate placement of sugar-free and “guilt-free” food options in their store!

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Now, some of Demi’s new direct messages to the frozen yogurt mainstay are coming out, with TMZ grabbing a screenshot from The Bigg Chill’s DMs showing the superstar singer getting ready to rumble! In a (new) series of social media messages regarding the store’s diet food options, Demi came across VERY strongly in maintaining her points about the diet food.

At one point, the fro-yo shop tried to explain to Max Ehrich‘s ex-girlfriend that they no longer carry one particular cookie with which she took prior offense. But their response wasn’t up to snuff, apparently! The 28-year-old called them out for it, writing back in a series of direct messages (below):

“So you don’t carry the Lenny and Larry cookies that scream the exact same thing? Pretty sure I saw every flavor there. Don’t keep going w [sic] this. You don’t want to mess w [sic] me. You’re in the wrong and the customer is always right. You already know this, listen to your customer and do better.”

You can see that full exchange HERE, by the way…

But did it backfire?!

The question now is, well, what’s the end result from Demi’s dalliance with the unsuspecting small business?

Judging by at least a couple social media posts from late Sunday night (below), business was definitely very, very good at The Bigg Chill even in spite of their controversial call-out:

Of course, as we previously reported on Monday afternoon, Demi did walk back some of her comments towards the fro-yo establishment, clearly regretting the hurting she’d unwittingly put on the small business.

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Still, as she reiterated in this Instagram Live session we covered earlier (below), the Sorry singer is very much NOT sorry about her determination to change diet culture once and for all:

As you might expect, social media is still going crazy with reactions to Demi’s digital dust-up, with reactions coming in from all across the spectrum both in support of her… and also very much otherwise.

So what do YOU make of this ongoing diet food drama, Perezcious readers?? Whose side are you on here?! All the other issues notwithstanding, what an amazing free marketing opportunity for this fro-yo shop, right?!

Anyways, sound OFF with your reaction to everything down in the comments (below)…

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN/The Bigg Chill]

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